• Jenna Heckman


this one’s for my love.

idun has been such a big blessing in my life lately. she has been exploring every corner of colorado with me these past months- and we have grown to be the typical ‘sister from another mister’ pair. so much could be said about idun. she is the light of this crazy life i’m living, and i hope -more than anything- that she knows how beautifully she has transformed all the lives she’s walked into. she has such a big heart, and she cares for people so deeply. Idun is simply beautiful in every single way, and she (like many of us) struggles to see it.

unfortunately, idun is going home. This has been the most exciting ride of my life. It all started with one little facebook post, and we were pulled together by the universe.

Below, i’ve shared a few of the many memories we’ve made, and so many beautiful photos of idun, in hopes that she one day will realize her true beauty too.

so much love, jenna.

#idun #love #travel #colorado #norway

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