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  • Jenna Heckman

ArriveDerci : Pikes Place, WA

wherever you go; there you are //

long before i actually began traveling, i began by rolling the idea of moving from denver around in therapy.

my lovely therapists’ first order of business was to determine if i was running from myself, and ensure i knew i never could.

“wherever you go, there you are”.

thankfully, she aptly prepared me to meet myself each day of my travels. i’m thankful to be meeting more of myself as i remove more and more pressures to be someone i’m not - to appease others’. i’m learning who i am, and who i definitely am not; while exploring communities and meeting new people.

but, i must admit, meeting myself hasn’t been just the pretty moments i’ve captured here.

it’s also been shining a light on all my shortcomings. it’s showing me things about myself i hadn’t come to understand, because i was so easily distracted by the others in my view.

i have lots to work on, and i’m learning so much about how my brain works in the process. i’m thankful to have received my ADHD diagnosis (among other self-work pinpoints) long before i began this journey, and even more thankful to have the time, now, to begin to understand what that really means; and how i can start showing up better not only in my relationships, but in work, my education, and for myself.

wherever i go, here i am.



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