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  • Jenna Heckman

ArriveDerci : Tacoma, WA

rainy thoughts & clouded eyes //

the trees carry more weight here.

so do my shoulders.

as i began to tuck my things back into trunks and cases; i found myself reflecting on the space i found here and what i’ll be taking with me to the next place.

i have a certain love for the rain drenched streets and the undying smell of fresh coffee, but, i don’t feel desperate inspiration here. i found myself romanticizing my days as i pranced through city streets and sat in pretty cafes - but, i didn’t find glimpses of myself.

instead, i found unsteady anxieties around each corner, pretty people with uncertain ambitions.

much like as was screamed at me on a downtown street; i don’t belong here. i knew that long before i was told by the locals.

i’m okay with that.

so tonight, i find myself sinking into rest. releasing my inner pressure to check more and more off my list before i get back on the road. i’d rather spend my last hours here embracing a cozy space with good books & warm tea than forcing myself into spaces i don’t want to belong. boxes i don’t want to fit.

seattle will always hold a special place in my heart, and will always spark new curiosities hidden in the weighted trees. but, this world isn’t one i see myself existing in- and that’s all i needed to know.



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