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Alongside photography, writing has always played a huge part in my life. That said - I dread writing about myself. I mean, how awkward? It's almost as bad as first day introductions. So, let's just pretend we're friends already. I hope you're cool with that. 

i'm jenna, 

I picked up my first professional camera during a middle school yearbook class. Like a newborn deer, I stumbled around my school taking photos... finding my love of storytelling. It didn't take long before it became my world, and it doesn't just stop at photography. 


As a graduate from MSU Denver, I earned a degree Journalism and psychology. Studying journalism has given me a deeper understanding of storytelling, its importance, and strengthened my skills - so I can do it right. People are my passion, and I would be honored to be a part of your story. 

Since we're friends, you should probably know a little bit more than that snoozefest above. I was born and raised in Colorado - following suit, I love being outdoors, animals, and of course, a good powder day. I'm always on the move, exploring new places (or if money is tight, a good book). Speaking of, I've got to run - but shoot me a message, I can't wait to plan your dream session with you. 


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