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pura vida x Greta

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

The first time I worked with GG, I wasn't expecting her.

I had planned a creative session with another model, Aston, in Englewood, CO. GG tagged along, and allowed me to snag some portraits of her as well. She brought Aston out of his shell, and exuded bright energy for the entirety of our shoot. I will never forget leaving that day, hoping I'd get to work with her again.

GG and I grew closer over the years, and have co-created dozens of sessions together since. One of my favorite collaborations is our Pura Vida sessions. Pura Vida is a long-standing jewelry company that has given me the chance to work alongside GG on content creation for several years. These content sessions have given me a chance to learn more about product photography, and grow alongside GG; both I am forever grateful for.

For this particular session, GG and I were given the task of curating fourth of July inspired photos highlighting the companies' bracelets, necklaces, and tee-shirts for the holiday. While we came up with a few different directions we could take the project - we decided to keep the session simple.

Shot at Edgewater Public Market, for Pura Vida. Check out their site, and their pinterest page to see more of our work together!

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